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Each week on the social commute we bring to you the best social media strategies, tips, and digital hacks so you can learn how to turn social into sales. By the time you leave home and get to work or leave work and get home, our goal is to give you the social media edge your business needs to get to the next level.

May 15, 2019

Social Media Myths Debunked

How do you know what to believe when it comes to your social strategy when there are
so many rumors and myths? Is social media really making a difference in your business?  The girls dive into the most prevalent myths out there and tell you if they are true or not. 

Also, Abby has a game where we guess if a headline is true or from The Onion, we chat about Jon Gosselin's sweet Cinco De Mayo DJ gig, and much, much more!

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Production and Engineering by Tyler Maynard

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