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Each week on the social commute we bring to you the best social media strategies, tips, and digital hacks so you can learn how to turn social into sales. By the time you leave home and get to work or leave work and get home, our goal is to give you the social media edge your business needs to get to the next level.

September 11, 2019

Social Media Engagement

This week the ladies from Hyperchat Social walk you through what exactly engagement means on social media and the different ways it can help your posts perform better. These days, communication between a business and its’ clients works on a two-way street. While there can be negatives to this, there are SO many benefits to being able to gain feedback from your customers online.

Also, Sarah has a game of 20 questions for Abby and Becky to play, the funny tweet war continues, and we watch a clip that has people sending in their #weddingfails

Hosts: Abby Faulkenberry

          Sarah Lupien

          Becky Burgess


Produced and edited by Tyler Maynard

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